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Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Refrigeration Stainless and White Side Panels


  • How to install side panels on a Classic Series (BI) unit
  • Part number 7003408, 7003409; instruction sheet 7015550, 7004316
  • What finished height do the side panels accommodate?
  • Does a side panel increase the product opening width?
  • What are the cavity opening dimensions for a unit with one (1) or two (2) side panels?
  • How tall are side panels, and do they accommodate extended height grilles?
  • Is mounting hardware included with the metal side panel?
  • Can you reuse side panels from a BI to a BI?
  • Classic Refrigeration products can have white or stainless steel side panels on either side.
    • Side panels cannot be used for a flush inset. 
  • Stainless steel side panel (part number 7003408) and white side panel (part number 7003409) include the following:
    • Stainless steel ONLY - Optional 4" base cover to conceal the side of the toe kick area. The base cover is not available as a separate part.
      • White panels do not include a base cover. No base cover is available for white panels.
    • One side panel. If one for each side is needed, order quantity two.
    • Mounting hardware needed to mount the side panels.
  • Install the side panels and the base cover before installing the unit.
  • Side panels from existing 600, 500, or 200/300 Series models cannot be reused on Classic series models.
  • Refer to Sub-Zero Freestanding Installation for top panel information.
Width ConsiderationsHeight Considerations

Metal side panels increase the product opening width needed by 1/4" per side panel.

  • For a 36" unit with two side panels, use a 36" opening instead of a typical 35-1/2" opening width.
  • For a 36" unit with one side panel, use a 35-3/4" opening width instead of the typical 35-1/2" opening width.

Side panels are 80" tall and accommodate a standard 84" finished height.

  • Side panels do not cover the top of an 88" overall grille or other extended height.
  • Do not cut the panel to accommodate a reduced height 83" grille.

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