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Sub-Zero Freezer Drain Tube Cleaning


  • Clean a freezer drain tube if it is frozen, clogged, or dirty
  • Freezer drawer slides are covered in ice
  • Freezer continues to frost over after unit has been defrosted
  • Ice forming on side of freezer wall, covering slides or drawers
  • Freezer drain tube requires frequent cleaning


  • Frozen drain tube
  • Food particles clogged in drain tube
  • Drain heater failure
  • Temperature or performance issues


  1. Fix error codes, messages, or service indicators first.
  2. Make sure condenser is clean; see Clean the Condenser.
  3. Verify temperatures are properly set using Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Settings.
  4. Inspect door/drawer gasket for damage and replace if needed.
  5. Defrost freezer section, see Manually Defrost a Sub-Zero for instructions.
  6. If these steps do not resolve the issue or if the issue consistently returns, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


  • The freezer drain tube is not accessible to clean.
  • Freezer drain tube is most often frozen, not clogged, if it is blocked.
  • Do not disconnect the drain tube.
  • Do not to put anything down the tube such as a brush or wire. It could pierce the tube and lead to a larger problem.

For refrigerator drain tube information, refer to Sub-Zero Drain Tube Clogged.


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