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Wolf EC24 Coffee System Coffee Bean Selection


  • Coffee System jams when beans are grinding
  • Beans stuck in the EC24 Coffee System bean grinder
  • What is the best kind of coffee to use in a Wolf Coffee System?
  • Coffee beans in ground coffee area
  • Ground coffee in coffee bean area
  • Is there a way to use two different beans?
  • Can the EC24 Coffee System be used to brew tea?


Each cup is drawn from one of the system's built-in bean reservoirs. One reservoir is for whole beans, and the other for pre-ground beans, giving the option to brew two types of roasts at any given time.

The strength selection determines the amount of coffee used.

  • A large regular will have less coffee in it than a large strong.

Coffee Bean Suggestions:


  • The best beans to use in the Wolf Coffee System are whole, fresh, dry coffee beans of any variety preferred.
  • Decaffeinated coffee beans or ground beans are fine to use with the Wolf Coffee System.

Can be used:

Flavored and dark, oily coffee beans can be used, but may cause some issues including:

  • Plastic parts may stain from oily coffee beans and can cause odor if stuck in the unit.
  • Oily beans may stick to the side of the machine and prevent proper brewing.

To use oily coffee beans in a Wolf Coffee System, pregrind the beans and use the pre-ground function instead of placing whole beans in the Coffee System.

  • Espresso beans should also be pre-ground.

Dark roast oily coffee beans are not required to produce a great cup of coffee. The grind of the bean is more important to coffee flavor.

Not recommended:

  • Pretreated or other sugared or caramelized beans are not recommended.
  • The EC24 is not suitable for brewing tea. Do not place loose tea in the Coffee System.

Additional Resources:

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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