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Wolf Oven Preheat


  • What is the preheat time difference on 208 Volt and 240 Volt power supplies?
  • Why does my Wolf take longer to preheat than my old oven?
  • Oven does not preheat fast enough
  • Temperature display changes from preset to current temperature
  • Does a double oven preheat differently than a single oven?


Factors That Affect Preheat Times

  • Wolf oven preheat times vary by product and oven size.
  • Wolf's hidden bake element in electric ovens makes oven interiors larger and more attractive.
    • By saturating the heat throughout the cavity, Wolf delivers better cooking results.
    • This means preheat may take longer than a conventional oven.
  • The appliance voltage can affect the preheat times of Dual Fuel Ranges and Wall Ovens.
      • 208 V can add 25 - 40% more time to preheat versus 240 V.
      • Once at temperature, both voltages work the same.
    • The use of natural gas versus liquid propane will affect Gas Range oven preheat times.

    How Preheat Works in Wolf Ovens

    • Always preheat the oven. Broil and Convection Broil are the only modes that do not require a preheat.
    • During preheat, the oven heats as quickly and evenly as possible and is not ideal for cooking until it reaches temperature.
    • During preheat, the oven temperature shown on the control panel display switches between the set temperature and current temperature.
    • Once set temperature is reached, the temperature shown stays steady at the setpoint.

    If the oven does not reach the set temperature, or if oven heating has significantly changed, refer to Oven Temperature Issue.

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