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Ventilation Hood Heat Sentry Feature


  • Why did the hood turn on and off on its own?
  • Why did the blower speed increase then decrease on its own?
  • PW, PWC, PL, PI, IH, CTWH, and CTEWH heat sentry.
  • At what temperature does the ventilation hood heat sentry turn on or turn off?
  • What temperature activates or deactiviates the heat sentry feature?
  • Why is the blower speed LED flashing?


CT Wall, CT Island, CTE Low Profile and all Pro Series Ventilation Hoods are equipped with a heat sentry feature which automatically turns the ventilation hood on, or adjusts the blower speed to the next highest setting when excessive heat is sensed.

  • The heat sentry feature activates when the exhaust temperature reaches 200°F (93°C) and deactivates when the exhaust temperature decreases to 185°F (85°C).
  • If the ventilation hood is turned off and the heat sentry sense 200°F exhaust, the blower automatically turns on.
  • Once the exhaust temperature decreases to 185°F the blower turns off.
  • If the ventilation hood is turned on to low speed and the heat sentry senses 200°F exhaust, the blower increases to high speed.
  • Once the exhaust temperature decreases to 185°F the blower decreases back to low speed.
  • For CT Wall, CT Island, & CTE Low Profile Hoods:
    • The corresponding blower speed LED on the control will blink to indicate the heat sentry feature is activated.
    • Once heat sentry feature is activated, the ventilation hood will continue to monitor exhaust temperatures every three minutes.
    • When the blower speed returns to the original setting prior to heat sentry feature activation, the corresponding LED will stop blinking and remain constant.
    • When the heat sentry feature is active, the customer will not have any control of the blower speed until the exhaust temperature decrease to 185°F.

Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.


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