Electric Oven Broiler Use


  • Should the oven door be open or closed when using the broiler
  • Does leaving the door opened during broiler use cause damage to the oven
  • Why does the broiler turn off when the oven door is opened
  • Can the broiler be used with the oven door open
  • The oven shut off while using the Broil Mode


Wolf ovens are designed to have the door closed when using the broiler.

  • Opening the door during broil causes the broil element to cycle off. This is normal.
  • The broiler turns back on automatically when the door is closed again.
  • The broiler glows red when in use.
  • Broilers have instant heat. Preheating is not required.
  • The broiler is not heating the entire oven cavity.


  • When turning food or checking doneness, open the door carefully as smoke and steam may accumulate.
  • Grease buildup on the broil element may cause a flare up or fire; clean the broil element after the unit has cooled to prevent this.
    • The broil element cannot be removed for cleaning.
  • Grease on the broiler pan can cause it to turn black, which is considered normal.
  • Never use heatproof glass (for example, Pyrex) or pottery as it can shatter.


  • In rack position 1 on high broil, the unit will sear a crust on steak. For a deeper crust, use a cast iron skillet or sear the meat before broiling.
  • Preheat the broiler for a few minutes before placing the steak in the oven for improved results.

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    Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for instructions on how to turn Broil Mode on, as well as additional cooking tips.

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