Range or Oven Does Not Enter Self-Clean


  • Self-clean mode will not turn on
  • Start self-clean mode
  • Wall Oven will not enter self-clean mode
  • Self-clean does not work


    For instructions on how to set and start the self-clean cycle, refer to the following resources:

    Note that Gas Ranges do not have a self-clean feature. See also, Gas Range Self-Clean.

    If self-clean mode does not start after following the instructions above:

    • To enter self-clean on all Dual Fuel Ranges, press enter twice as the last step.
      • Older versions of Dual Fuel Use and Care Guide advised to press enter only once as the last step to start self-clean.
    • For double oven models, only one oven may be in self-clean mode at a time.
    • Older versions of Wolf Wall Ovens did not require pressing Enter twice to confirm self-clean mode.
      • If the control board was replaced, press Enter two times to begin self-clean.
      • For some L Series Ovens, press Enter a second time if needed.

    For more information about how to use the self-clean cycle, refer to Dual Fuel, Induction, and Electric Ovens Self-Clean Feature.

    See also, Dual Fuel and Ovens Interior Cleaning and Care Video.

    Refer to the Wolf Cleaning Reference for product recommendations and further information.

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