Ice Maker Control Arm Will Not Lower


  • Ice maker leveling arm is stuck in the up position, how do you lower it?
  • Will the ice maker turn off on its own, or must it be manually turned off/on?

Steps to Verify Issue:

Ice maker control arms should flip up and down easily. If the ice maker control arm, connecting rod, or shut-off arm is broken or not installed properly, ice production may stop, or the ice bin may overflow as the ice maker continues to produce ice after the ice bin is already full. It is possible that the ice maker is in a harvest cycle, preventing the arm from lowering manually or an internal component is broken.

To troubleshoot an ice maker arm that will not lower:

  1. If the arm is locked in the up position, firmly press down on the arm to lower it. If the arm will not lower, do not force it, as it could break the arm.
  2. If the ice maker control arm is stuck in the up position and there is ice in the ice maker, defrost the freezer.
  3. Turn the home circuit breaker to the unit off for 30 seconds and back on again. Retest the unit operation.
  4. If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.
  5. Refer to Ice Maker Control Arm Falls Off for instructions on installing the control arm.
  6. See also: 500 Series and 600 Series Ice Maker Arm Video.

Images of the ice maker control arm*:

  • BI-30U
  • BI-30UA
  • BI-30UG
  • BI-36U
  • BI-36UA
  • BI-36UFD
  • BI-36UFDID
  • BI-36UG
  • BI-36UID
  • BI-42UFD
  • BI-42UFDID
  • 648PRO (starting with serial #2820930)
  • BI-36F
  • BI-36S
  • BI-42S
  • BI42-SD
  • BI-42SID
  • BI-48S
  • BI-48SD
  • BI-48SID
  • IC-24CI
  • IC-27F
  • IC-18FI
  • IC-24FI
  • IC-30FI
  • IC-36FI
  • ID-24F
  • ID-24FI
  • ID-30C
  • ID-30F
  • ID-30FI
  • ID-36C
  • ID-36FI
  • IT-30FI
  • IT-30CIID
  • IT-36CIID
  • 661-2/3
  • 648PRO (prior to serial #2820930)
  • 700BCI
  • 700BFI
  • 700TCI
  • 700TFI
  • 736TCI
  • 680
  • 685 (prior to serial #2662411)
  • 690
  • 695 (prior to serial #2660861)
  • 501F
  • 601F
  • 550 (from serial #1274690 to #1275889)
  • 611
  • 650
  • 680
  • 690
  • 542
  • 642
  • 532
  • 561
  • 632
  • 661-2
  • 511
  • 550 (from serial #M/P681166 to #M/P681565 and from #M702716/P700765 to #M/P1274690 and starting with #M/P1275889)
  • 590

*For models missing from the list, no image is available.


The ice maker control arm is designed to sense the level of ice in the ice bin.

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