Sub-Zero Classic Series Light Diffuser Removal


  • How to remove the light diffuser or crisper light diffuser from a Classic series (BI) product
  • Was there a change to how the light diffuser is installed or removed from a BI Series unit?
  • The light shield in a BI Series is difficult to remove, is there a lock?
  • How to install a BI model light diffuser

Steps to Verify Issue:

The instructions below apply to Classic series (BI) units. For information about other models, refer to Sub-Zero Light Bulbs.

For light bulb part numbers, refer to Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Light Bulbs.

Upper Light Diffuser

To remove the primary upper, overhead light diffuser from a Classic series (BI) product:

  1. Remove food items from the top shelf.
  2. Push diffuser toward rear of unit until center of inverted T-shaped slots line up with diffuser bracket pegs. Refer to the image below.
  3. Lower the light diffuser to remove.

If the light diffuser is not removed easily following the instructions above:

  1. Remove food items from the top shelf.
  2. Insert the pointer and middle finger of your right hand into the small gap between the light diffuser and the right-hand interior wall.
  3. Gently push the light diffuser to the left, this may give a slight amount of additional space to unlock the light diffuser bracket pegs.
  4. Find the light diffuser bracket peg, as shown below, and gently pull down on the diffuser bracket. This should unlock the light diffuser.
  5. Firmly push the light diffuser back until the slots drop past the bracket pegs.
  6. Lower the light diffuser to remove.

To install, align slots with bracket pegs and raise the diffuser, then pull forward fully to engage pegs.

Classic Series Upper Light Diffuser Removal Video

Lower, Crisper, or Freezer Light Diffuser

To remove the lower light diffuser, crisper light diffuser, or freezer light diffuser:

  1. Remove the drawer and shelf in front of the crisper light. See Refrigerator Drawer Removal for tips if needed.
  2. Removal instructions are different depending on serial number:
    • For products after serial number 4380000, squeeze the light diffuser with both hands, four inches from each side to release it from the diffuser retainers. Refer to the first two images below.
    • For products prior to serial number 4380000, place both hands under the right and left sides of the diffuser and push upward. Refer to the third image below.
    • See also, Sub-Zero Serial Tag Locations.
  3. Pull the light diffuser from the unit.


Middle Light Diffuser (Dispenser Models Only)

To remove the freezer middle light diffuser (dispenser models only):

  1. The middle light fixture is inside the dispenser light enclosure, directly below the ice bin.
  2. For models BI-42SID and BI-42SD, press the tab at the front of the diffuser glass, then slide the glass forward.
    For models BI-48SID and BI-48SD, press the tab to the right of the diffuser glass, then slide the glass to the right.
  3. To remove the bulb, turn it counterclockwise.

See also:

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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