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Refrigerator or Freezer Noises


  • Fan blade or fan motor not working properly
  • Ice build-up on the fan inside the freezer
  • Obstruction due to over-filling the unit
  • Normal operation


  • Humming, vibrating, crackling, or sizzling noise from freezer, refrigerator, or wine storage
  • Is humming, vibration, or grinding a normal operating sound?
  • Is it safe to operate the unit if humming?
  • Buzzing noise stops when drawer or door opened or knocking noise after a door or drawer is closed
  • How to determine which fan motor is causing noise
  • Glowing red inside freezer section

Steps to Verify Issue:

These steps assume a standard refrigerator and freezer combination unit.

  • Adjust accordingly for all refrigerator, all freezer, or wine storage units.
  • Note: Freezers go through normal defrost cycles, and moisture on or near a defrost heater can cause a sizzling or crackling noise.

To determine the source of noise:

  1. Open all doors on the product to determine if the noise stops.
  2. Close only the refrigerator section door or upper door on a wine storage unit to see if the noise returns.
  3. Open the refrigerator door again and close only the freezer section door or wine storage unit drawer to see if the noise returns.
    • If it returns, the noise is related to the freezer evaporator fan motor. Contact Factory Certified Service.
    • The freezer fan is usually not visible, but ice may be.
  4. Close the doors after testing.
  5. If the product has not been cleaned in the last 6 to 12 months, refer to Clean the Condenser.
  6. If ice build-up is visible, defrost the section or area.
  7. Make sure food packaging is not pushed up into refrigerator or freezer fan.
  8. If any burning odor or other unusual symptoms accompany this noise, contact Factory Certified Service.
  9. If the refrigerator or freezer still makes abnormal noises after the troubleshooting steps are complete, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.
  10. See also:

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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