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Classic (Formerly Built-In) Series Does Not Make Ice


  • Possible jammed ice cube
  • Low water pressure
  • Frozen ice maker fill tube
  • Warm freezer temperature
  • Water valve energized longer than fifteen seconds


  • No ice production in Classic (formerly Built-In) Series (BI) model
  • Ice maker will not cycle on BI product
  • Icemaker does not work and no fault codes

Steps to Verify Issue:

  1. After turning on the product and the ice maker, wait 24 hours for ice production. It may take this long to see ice cubes in the ice bin. The freezer first cools to temperature, then ice cubes form and drop into the bucket.
  2. Verify the ice maker is on. Press the Ice Maker key if a single ice cube does not show on the display next to the freezer temperature. Note: Once the ice maker is on, water may not flow into it immediately.

  3. Make sure the water supply to the unit is turned on. Refer to Water Line Shut-Off Valve Location for details. Examples shown are in the OFF position.

  4. If a single ice cube is flashing on the control panel, hold the ALARM key for 15 seconds. The display will read CFC. ALARM is just to the left of POWER on the control board.
  5. If the cube continues to flash, hold the Max Ice and Ice Maker keys together for 5 seconds. Resetting a flashing cube may return and requires service if ice production does not return to normal.
  6. Warm temperatures impact ice maker performance. Sub-Zero recommends 0°F freezer temperature. Clean the condenser if it is above 5°F.
  7. Change water filters as often as recommended, typically every 6-12 months and reset the Water Filter after changing it.
  8. Reseat the water filter (if present) by removing and installing it even if it is not due for changing.

  9. If one is present, verify the home inline water filter is not expired.
  10. Confirm good water pressure to the unit.
  11. Make sure the ice bucket is level, and seated in place. On some models, the ice bin presses the ice maker switch. This varies from model to model.

  12. Make sure the ice maker shut-off arm is in the down position. If the arm is up, turn the unit off and push down gently. The ice maker arm only moves an inch.
  13. Make sure the ice maker white plastic rudder arm is attached to the shut-off arm and reattach if needed. If broken or cracked, replace the ice maker shut-off arm.
  14. Make sure the ice maker is free of obstructions or jammed ice cubes. Use a steamer aimed toward the ice mold for 5-10 minutes to free stuck ice cubes.
  15. Make sure the ice maker water fill tube is open and not frozen. After defrosting any blockage with a steamer, turn the unit off, then on again to reset.
  16. If ice production stops often with the use of a reverse osmosis system or well water, a pressure booster or regulator may improve performance. Contact the reverse osmosis provider or speak with a plumber for suggestions.
  17. After completing these steps, wait 24 hours for ice production to resume.
  18. If ice production does not resume after following these troubleshooting steps, service is needed to expertly diagnose and repair the unit. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

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Refer to Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice for more information and links to other product lines.

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